JBL Speaker Line    

Our speaker systems are great for all sizes of events.  We use the PRX-600 series speakers for weddings and medium to large events.  For stadium and grand events, we use JBL SRX and array systems.   You’ll be so amazed at the clarity of these speakers that you’ll feel that you’re at a live concert.
Floor Monitors
We use floor monitors for our live performances and karaoke events.  These allow the vocalist or live band to hear themselves and the band ensuring they stay on key and tempo.  Every performer who has ever hit the stage knows how important this is.
Mackie Speaker line   
We use these speakers for our small to medium size events.  These are often used for our karaoke events as well.  They offer amazing sound for the size and are great for floor monitors for live events and satellite speakers as well.
Wireless Speakers   
Enjoy the same high quality sound systems that we use with our wired systems while allowing portability up to 300 feet of our main system. Instead of running hundreds of feet of cluttered cords taped against the floor we have eliminated that with a wireless signal broadcasted through the air. We commonly use this for large or multi-room venues or remote wedding ceremony setups.

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